18 Months to 2 Years 11 Months

We have several toddler groups. The children are grouped according to age and development. This is a lively age. Toddler’s love exploring all the big chief have to offer. Painting outside at the easel, going to the block room which is filled with blocks, cars, trucks, people, and animals. Children at this age love to build up and knock down the blocks. Swim is introduced in our heated 18” section of the pool. The children also enjoy lot of outdoor water activities. Music is playing all day long. At any time, you can find the children marching with the instruments, waving scarfs in the air, and really enjoying themselves. They begin to sit for a story, learn finger plays and act out nursery rhymes. Their language and communication skills are developing in leaps and bounds.

Toddler Summer Program
Toddler Camp Program

We have a beautiful playground designed for our toddlers. Swings with backs on it to support the kids, a sandbox with pails and shovels, climbing equipment with ladders, slides, and tunnels too. Different types of bright colorful ride on toys that are always out and available. Every day they are outside. They’re either in the playground or going on a nature walk collecting vegetables, feeling the wind on their face, stepping in puddles, and of course visiting the ducks and chickens along with Lilly the goat.

Forming their first friendships, WOW how wonderful for them and exciting for you. They are a delightful group, and we enjoy watching them grow throughout the summer.