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General Information

These are the people who care for your children. They are supervisors, teachers, college students, crafts and sports specialists. They are intelligent, enthusiastic, warm and caring, and have a sincere love for children.

Our nursery school staff, who stay on for the summer, are trained in Early Childhood Education, and are the counselors and supervisors for our lower camp and midi-day programs.

Big Chief is large enough to offer its campers a variety of activities, yet small enough to offer each child the individual attention that you, as parents, are looking for. At Big Chief, we never economize on the well being and happiness of our campers; YOUR CHILD IS OUR MAIN CONCERN! We are a family-owned and operated camp and take a special interest in each and every child that comes into our care.

Big Chief has been serving the surrounding area since 1954. Our excellent staff, fine program, modern facilities and dedication to children have earned us our fine reputation. Our camp is located at 2427 North Jerusalem Road, in East Meadow, New York, which is just west of Newbridge Road and one quarter mile north of the Southern State Parkway.

Campers are accepted between the ages of 3 and 12 years of age. They are divided into groups according to their age and sex. Teachers and college students are hired to carry out our camp program.

The food served at Big Chief is of unsurpassed quality, nutritiously planned, and tastily prepared. We serve lunch to all midi-day and full-day children, Canteen (ice cream or ice pops) is served to all the campers in the afternoon.

Campers are picked up in a Department of Transportation inspected, air conditioned, bus which stops directly in front of their door. You will be notified just before camp starts as to the time of pick up and delivery.

Prior to attending our day camp program, all children must be examined by their physician and have a medical form on file in our office. For health reasons, no child will be permitted to attend camp unless this form has been received. A registered nurse is on duty at all times during camp, and a well-supplied infirmary is at her disposal in case of an emergency.

We also offer additional services such as a towel service and a study period with a certified teacher for those campers who are in need of extra help with various school subjects.

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The director, Luanne Picinich, knows every child and has a close contact with every parent. When she plans a program she always keeps the children's safety her top priority. Each program is designed to stimulate, educate and enhance the child's self-image. The children also learn how to share, and interact with others. As a result many lasting friendships are formed over the course of the summer at Big Chief. Many campers are children of former campers! Their parents grew up as Big Chief campers and some became counselors holding fond memories of their camping days. All buildings are air-conditioned and all our buses will be air-conditioned.