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. Soccer
. Softball
. Hockey
. Volley Ball
. Basketball
. Hand Ball
. Tennis
. Wiffle Ball


A variety of different sports programs are available for campers to choose from.

With such a diverse program and our wonderful sports facilities, campers have the opportunity to develop their individual skills while having fun.

Good sportsmanship is the name of the game!

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activswim1.jpg (27950 bytes)Emphasis at BIG CHIEF is on SWIMMING! We have two
beautiful, Board of Health
approved pools and provide
American Red Cross swimming instruction by
Certified Water Safety Instructors to all campers.

All campers swim two times per day, and on extremely hot days, extra swim times are added. Our smaller pool graduates from two to three feet and was designed especially to teach our younger children how to swim. This pool is deep enough for swimming instruction, yet is not part of the larger pool, so the children cannot wander down into deeper waters.


Campers are evaluated the 1st
day of camp and placed in swim
groups according to their skill
level, not age.

Our pools and surrounding areaactivswim2.jpg (15762 bytes)
are closely supervised by Water
Safety Instructors and Nassau
County Certified Lifeguards. The
counselors for each group are
also on duty offering additional




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Our Beautiful park-like facilities
include four air conditioned buildings, a large, well maintained sports field, and five
age-appropriate playgrounds.

In addition to our sports
and swimming program,
campers can participate in
a variety of fun and unique
activities such as:

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